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Having to make the hardest decision a pet owner has to make is always painful. Our lab, Mack, was our baby, a big part of our family and no exception. We struggled with the decision because we just couldn't deal with the idea of driving him to a "cold" vet office. He deserved much more.

Then we heard about True Companions VetVan. Allowing him to go peacefully where he was most comfortable was invaluable. We can't thank Dr. Longtin enough for everything. She brought the sense of calmness that was needed in such a stressful and traumatic time. We will absolutely recommend True Companions to our friends and family.
Posted By: Dan and Lorrie Burdeski
Cottage Grove, MN
We would like to thank you for your service preformed on our ailing dog, who we loved and adored for such a long time. It was a heartbreak for the family but your services made it much easier to say good bye.
Posted By: D&S Larkin
apple valley
Dr. Raeyna,

I cannot even begin to tell you how deeply grateful I am for your incredibly kind treatment of Sam (and honestly, of me). In addition to the horror I shared with you at the possible treatment of his body after he passed, I had been haunted by the image that at his end, I would find myself holding Sam, trying to keep him calm while he was in acute distress and/or pain, looking at me in a way that pleaded for his life. It had been tearing me apart for weeks. Because you were so gentle, kind and thoroughly professional, the exact opposite came to pass. That he was calm and not stressed, scared or caused any additional pain made losing him infinitely easier to bear. While the night you were here was incredibly difficult, I woke up the next day knowing that until the very end, I was able to find the best possible care for Sam, and that gives me great peace of mind.

Also, your wonderful recommendation of Pets Remembered worked out better than I could have ever imagined and took away my concerns about how Sam would be treated after his passing. The parcel returned to me included his paw print and impression in clay, a little lock of his fur and his ashes in a lovely small teak box. It was all very sweet and beautifully done.

I am in the process of putting the word out - in person and online - about your exceptional services. You made an awesome impression. I send you my very best. You are wonderful and helped me when I needed it most.
Posted By: Laurel Green
Dr. Raeyna: Thank you so much for taking care of Floyd and Elmer today. It will be a huge weight off my mind not having to dread how to wrangle Floyd into a kennel or transport him safely to a vet. I was very impressed by your great personality and your obvious love of animals.
Posted By: Nicole McDonald
Dr. Raeyna is marvelous! I have had the pleasure of working with her professionally as well as the greatest experience of her kind, compassionate care she provides for my ever-changing 4 legged family members. She has provided a variety of services for my canine family, including acupuncture, yearly preventative care, and the most difficult service of euthanasia. 

The animals don't get stressed by going into the clinic, they are much more relaxed and receptive to having those not-so-fun needles for vaccines and heartworm poked into them. She comes with treats too!

There are so many benefits to having a house call visit. To name a few, she can see the "real dog/cat" -- you know how we always say "they never do that at home!" Another benefit is that it's convenient for our lives' busy schedules, and she works around them.

I have to say having my beloved Harvey cross the Rainbow Bridge at home was hard, but having it in the comfort of his home and not having his last car ride be the one were we said goodbye was the absolute best. Dr Raeyna provided full-circle services, meaning not only the euthanasia, but she also took him for individual cremation and returned his ashes home.

Also, the great lady provides care for several pet rescues in the twin cities area, so she is always running from one end of the cities to another providing exceptional care to foster animals. Her heart is so big!

I am so happy to share with people about Dr. Raeyna and her care, I tell everybody!
She has my furry family's vote of best veterinarian of the century!

Tovah, Mike, Eggs, and many many foster puppies!
Posted By: Becky .
My Boston Terriers are not huge fans of the vet, but they loved her from the moment she walked in the door. It is so much easier to have their routine vaccinations at home where they aren't so stressed out. Dr. Raeyna is the best! Thank you, Dr. Raeyna, for providing a much-needed & appreciated service.
Posted By: Melissa Fatchett
Edina MN
For years I have wailed, "if only there were such a thing as a vet that makes house calls!" Our cat, Buddy, has been so traumatized by pet hospitals in the past that he turns into a feral devil, requiring vets to don rawhide gloves and goggles. Not so Dr Raeyna, who got three shots into him with minimal drama and even made friends with him before she left. She spoke so kindly and obviously has a deep respect and love for cats. No more traumatic vet visits for us. Hurrah for the mobile vet!
Posted By: Jane M
St Paul
Just had my first visit from Dr. Raeyna. I had read all the testimonials and heard good things but now I can say with 100% honesty, she is amazing. My Belgian Malinois likes most people but Dr. Raeyna even made getting a vaccination a fun experience for him. If you're not a client, you need to be.
Posted By: Jeff Roberts
Cottage Grove
Our 9 year old Boxer Zeek got into something VERY nasty! I am sure it was dead when he ate it, but when he threw it up, it must have been at least 3 or 4 pounds of yuck! Dr. Longtin once again came and checked him out to make sure he was OK. She is the BEST!
-The Martinsons.
Posted By: Chris Martinson
Cottage Grove
I am so grateful to Dr. Longtin for her knowledge, compassion and skill. She brought these fully to her visit with us, during which she helped my sweet cat 'Nilla Bean die peacefully. Her loving and soothing words for the "beautiful girl" she had just met comforted all of us - most especially 'Nilla. Additionally, she handled the arrangements for cremation and sent us remembrances and her sympathy for our loss. For anyone who is facing that very difficult time, doing so with Dr. Longtin's care and presence can transform the experience, and bless the passing of our animal companions. Thank you Dr. Longtin!
Posted By: Meribeth Arndt
Plymouth, MN
I have been busy working and studying this week, so when my dog got an ear infection I had no idea how I was going to fit a vet appointment into my schedule. Dr. Raeyna to the rescue! She came out to my apartment, did a check-up and prescribed medications on the spot. It was amazingly easy and quick. I would highly recommend her services!
Posted By: Erin Broberg
St Paul, MN
I've known Dr. Raeyna for close to 15 years. She has been nothing but professional and compassionate with all the critters we've brought her way. I was so pleased when she started True Companions, as it's tough to bring four dogs to the vet at once. It usually requires two trips. Several of our dogs would be nervous in the clinic and it wasn't an appointment anyone looked forward to.

Dr. Raeyna has been to our house twice now and it just makes life easier for all involved. She is very knowledgeable and up to date with recent research and I trust her professional opinions and guidance completely. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in using True Companions!
Posted By: Lisa Smiley
Cannon Falls, MN
What a relief it is to have a great vet who will do house calls (!!) and not have to drive across the city with 2 travel-anxious dogs who would howl and whine all the way to a vet's office! What a major sanity saver! Dr. Raeyna brought the vet clinic to us and it was so much less stressful for everyone - the dogs and ME!
Posted By: Linda Mazar
Woodbury, MN
After almost 14 years of life, my dog (Tuffy) suffered from a stroke last week. As my family received news that his recovery was very unlikely, Dr. Raeyna immediately offered up her professional and empathetic advice to best accommodate our beloved family member in his last day of life. Although my family and I are still grieving our loss, we're so happy knowing that Tuffy went peacefully and is no longer in pain.

Dr. Raeyna helped my family find and adopt Tuffy from the Humane Society almost 14 years ago and has helped him maintain good health throughout his long and full life. It only seemed natural that she would be the one to help ease his passing when his time came.

Tuffy passed away in the comfort of his own home and was surrounded by those who loved him dearly. True Companions made this possible. I would strongly recommend Dr. Longtin's services to any pet-owner - Tuffy's quality of life is largely due to her ongoing passionate involvement.
Posted By: Shannon Wenzel
Saint Paul, MN
Dr. Longtin came highly recommended and when I called her about our 14 year old kitty who was in pain, she fit me into her schedule immediately. Upon her arrival she spoke so kindly to my pet I could tell she was a true animal lover. She carefully reviewed our kitty’s history and agreed that my decision to put him down was for the best. It helped so much to have her professional opinion during such a difficult time. As she administered the necessary medications, she spoke lovingly to our furry friend and I was glad to have someone so compassionate with me as I said my goodbyes. I shudder when I think of what it would’ve been like to put our kitty down in a cold, sterile clinic surrounded by strangers. Instead, he remained in the comfort of his own home surrounded by familiar people, smells and his feline brother. Thank you, Dr. Longtin, for making such a difficult time a little bit easier!
Posted By: Lesa Moss
Woodbury, MN
Dr. Raeyna came out to our house last week and did a check up on our cat Cooper. It was the quickest, easiest, and most affordabile Vet appointment we have ever had. Cooper hates cars and kennels so this was a great option for us. I can't wait to tell our neighbors so we can get the neighborhood discount.
Posted By: Bill Zimbinski
Prior Lake, MN
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Dr. Raeyna came out to our house last week and did a check up on our cat Cooper. It was the quickest, easiest, and most affordabile Vet appointmen...

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