True Companions VetVan
In-home veterinary services in the Twin Cities, MN since 2010

Discount Programs


Neighborhood Discount

Split the call fee between yourself and up to two other clients. If you get three others, NOBODY pays a call fee! Just get your neighbors to schedule in the same time block as you – the more that schedule, the more money you save.

Referral Rewards

$10 off for each new client that references you as their referral source. Get someone to try us for the first time and tell us you sent them.

Senior Rewards

10% off every bill, excluding the call fee and food. Be 65 years of age or older -- but you'll have to ASK for it!

Church Family Discount

10% off every bill, excluding the call fee (excludes online pharmacy purchases).

Be a regular attender of:

  • New Life Church of Woodbury
  • Emily Wesleyan Church
  • Oakwood Church of Newport

Rental Office Rewards

10% off every bill, INCLUDING the call fee (excludes online pharmacy purchases), for all employees of the rental office, maintenance, and management staff. Include us in your welcome materials and post us on bulletin boards on the property.

Daycare Advantage

This is a unique program for doggie daycare facilities and their clients to save pet owners money and make scheduling for veterinary care more convenient. We waive our call fee and the client doesn’t need a specific appointment. Plus, Fido gets to play with some doggie friends!

The Daycare Advantage partnership carries no cost to the daycare providers. They just need to display promotional materials in the lobby and crosslink with As an added benefit, owners and staff receive discounted services for on-site or in-home care.

Current Daycare Advantage partners:

  • Dogs At Play (Newport, MN;
  • Hound Around Resort (Cottage Grove, MN;
  • Dog Days (all three St. Paul, MN locations;
  • Fun City Dogs (Minneapolis, MN;