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Favorite Links


These are some of our favorite friends, partners, products, and services. We get no "kickbacks" or anything, we're just actually fans. They are in no particular order, so please scroll through the whole list and check them out!


At-Home Pet-Related Services

Pets Remembered - Pets Remembered is our exclusive provider for private cremations due to their excellent quality of service, complete transparency, next-day return of ashes, wide variety of options, and shared value for the role our True Companions play in our families.

Scoopy Poo - The #1 dog pooper scooper service in the Twin Cities area for canine owners who have better things to doo than clean up their dog's dirty business. Every visit, they leave an uplifting poo-related poem and treats for both you and your True Companions.

Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program - OK, MNSNAP might not REALLY be an in-home service, but it's really close. And, we believe in their mission.

Pets Are Inn - Unique alternative to traditional boarding -- staying with a prescreened "host family". Provides pick up and drop-off at your home.

Pet Health and Behavior Information

Save This Life Microchip and Pet Recovery System- Register your pet’s microchip, update information, or find owner information for a lost pet with a microchip.

ASPCA Poison Information - Find what’s toxic and what’s not, plus lots of other pet care links.

Companion Animal Parasite Council - Lots of information about how parasites can affect your pet and how to prevent them.

CatFriendly - Cat-specific information from the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

The Heartworm Society - Heartworm facts and research from their Think12 initiative.

The Indoor Pet Initiative - Resources to help you enrich the life of your indoor pet from Ohio State University.

The Petra Center for Animal Behavior and Welfare - We've seen impressive results in our clients' True Companions after working with this training group.

Other Pet Products, Services, and Directories

Dogs At Play - Doggie day care and boarding with "free range" play spaces. Also offers basic obedience training, behavioral rehabilitation classes, and professional grooming services.

Secondhand Hounds - A foster-based rescue organization based in Edina. Dr. Raeyna has worked with them extensively, even fostering dogs from time to time.

Wags & Whiskers - Foster-based rescue organization based in Cottage Grove. Dr. Raeyna has worked with them extensively, including fostering dogs and cats herself.

Silver Dog Boarding - Amazing boarding facility run by amazing people! Our dogs love the place -- run in and never even look back. Grooming and other services, too.

Sidewalk Dog - A guide to dog-friendly services and places around the Twin Cities.

Personalized Pooch - Gifts for pet lovers, customized using your own photos of your pet.

PB&J's World - Our favorite source for custom-made collars and apparel.

Downtown Dogs - Freeform doggie daycare and boarding, including live webcams of the play space. Near downtown Minneapolis.

Lintu Art - Family and pet painted portraits. Cool stuff.

Kindest Cut - Kindest Cut provides low-cost spays and neuters with the support of the Animal Humane Society.

The Dog Perk - Doggie bandanas galore.

U of M Pet Loss Grieving Resources - Grieving a pet is every bit as real as grieving any other family member. The University of Minnesota has some great resources to help.

Dealing with Pet Loss - A great list of useful books, including resources for helping kids cope.

Fun City Dogs - Cage-free daycare and boarding with 24-hour supervision.

Dog Days - Daycare and overnight stays for your doggie companions at 3 locations in St. Paul -- University, Myrtle, and Grand Ave.

Hound Around Resort - Cage-free boarding and daycare with available private suites.

LifeVantage - Great supplements and other wellness products for your pets...VetVan approved!