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We've Got a Brand New Website

Screenshot - 11_4_2017 , 11_08_12 AM.png

Sometimes you just need some new clothes. The old ones were wearing a bit thin and sometimes had holes we didn't want. But we're up and running with a brand new site that is colorful, modern, and full of great pictures. It's also "responsive", meaning it looks just as great on mobile devices as it does on a computer screen.

We've moved most of the info over from our old site, but we've also made some functional improvements:

  • Eliminated the need to log into the site to access features and info
  • Simplified the forms for scheduling and new clients
  • Made the coverage zone page into a searchable database rather than a huge list of zip codes - just put in your zip code and look up your zone
  • Made it easier to find information on the site with less confusing navigation
  • "Responsive" design

We need your help

As always, your feedback is welcome! If you have an idea for the site, let us know. But we also need your help. Each time a web site makes a major change in location, design, or structure (we've made all three), it takes a hit in search engine rankings. Since our web site is our #1 way of gaining new clients, we'd like to ask your help in sharing the new site far and wide among your friends to help compensate while we build our position back up.

We have the greatest clients in the world, so we appreciate your assistance! To go to the new home page from here, just click/tap on our logo at the top left of this page. Or here.