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Introducing FlexTime Scheduling - Online Scheduling 2.0!


Hey everyone! Spring has sprung, and it’s time for new beginnings! Back in September we enabled true online scheduling, and it has been an enormous hit! We got lots of positive feedback, and the schedule fills up quickly. But it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. There are difficulties we noticed over time that have prevented it from reaching its full potential.  

First, it wasn’t really flexible at all. If a need for an urgent visit for your True Companion arose, it was really difficult to try to squeeze anything in. That’s a major inconvenience to you. Then, if we WERE able to do so, or if traffic was especially bad, we would be late for our next appointment(s). One complication could cause a domino effect for the rest of the day’s schedule. Being late is frustrating for both you and us.  

Second, even if everything went exactly right, that meant we couldn’t see as many appointments each day as we would like, so our customers had to schedule further and further into the future. This also meant that we might have to find ways to bide our time between appointments (a.k.a., feed my Target addiction), killing potential gains in our efficiency. 

After some fresh eyeballs on the problem (courtesy of my daughter and sometimes ride-along partner, Jordan), we have found a way to help address both issues – introducing FlexTime scheduling! 

Here’s how FlexTime works. When you make an appointment, you will choose the start time of a 3-hour window. The windows throughout the day will overlap. For example, 10a-1p, 11:30p-2:30p, 1p-4p, 2:30p-5:30p, or 4p-7p. We will plan to be there sometime within that window as early as possible, and will text or call when we are on our way. We’ve found that our clients tend to plan around similar time frames anyway, and the likelihood of our missing the expected window is greatly reduced compared to a fixed slot. It also allows us freedom to spend more time with you if needed.

Note: FlexTime scheduling will not apply to euthanasia visits. We know how crucial it is to make proper arrangements and not be just...waiting. These will remain fixed appointments. 

We may tinker with it as we get our sea legs and learn what works best, but we think this is a solid improvement and will allow us to see more clients as well as be more flexible to your needs. We’ll launch this new approach starting May 6. Let us know what you think! 

Shane Longtin