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True Companions VetVan becomes first mobile practice ever to earn Cat Friendly Practice designation


Date: 06/24/2014
Contact: Dr. Raeyna Longtin, 651-321-8826,

True Companions VetVan becomes first mobile practice to earn Cat Friendly Practice designation

True Companions VetVan, under Dr. Raeyna Longtin, is the very first mobile practice ever to earn the Cat Friendly Practice certification from the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Cottage Grove, MN – Cats have unique needs, and True Companions VetVan is committed to ensuring that those needs are taken into account, and that cats throughout the Twin Cities get top-notch care in the most comfortable environment – their homes. As evidence of that dedication, the VetVan has been awarded a Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) designation by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) – the first time this has ever been awarded to any mobile practice anywhere.

“We are committed to providing quality, low-stress care to our feline patients,” said Dr. Raeyna Longtin, owner of True Companions VetVan. “When I heard about CFP certification, I knew that our home-based care, coupled with our standards and passion, would be a natural fit with the AAFP’s ideals. It would also be a great way to let prospective clients know our level of commitment to unique feline needs.”

Program Puts Cats First

The AAFP pioneered the CFP program to provide a framework for creating a positive practice environment for cats, including medical care that supports the cat’s unique needs and knowledgeable staff members who understand feline-friendly handling. The qualification criteria is comprehensive and covers staff education and experience, standards of practice, and even record-keeping, as well as specific skills and approaches to feline handling and care.

“The AAFP realizes that cats present unique challenges before, during, and after a veterinary visit,” said Dr. Elizabeth J. Colleran, AAFP past-president and CFP Task Force Member. “Some things that can cause anxiety include aversion to carriers, sensitivity to new sights and smells, and the added stress of an unfamiliar location or experience. Understanding these obstacles helped to shape the CFP program and its dedication to putting the needs of cats first.”

In Dr. Longtin’s view, her home-based care model nearly eliminates many variables cats find stressful in traditional clinics. She adds, “I consulted with the AAFP on how to reinterpret their physical environment standards for mobile practice. Then we just had to demonstrate the high quality of care, expertise and passion we already had for cats to complete the certification requirements.”

Staff members at a CFP-designated practice approach cat care in a different manner. The staff learns how to understand the needs of the cat such as how to interpret a cat’s facial expression and body language. Furthermore, the staff is well trained in alternate techniques to calm an anxious cat and ensure that exams and procedures do not escalate anxiety.

“We evaluated every aspect of the practice and our in-home care approach from the perspective of the cat,” Dr. Longtin said. “We can proudly say that our approach to in-home care ensures our patients and clients will be part of a welcoming, comfortable experience that will ultimately lead to the improved health of our feline patients.”

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About True Companions VetVan

True Companions VetVan is a 100% mobile veterinary practice serving the entire Twin Cities area with high-quality in-home care since 2010. Dr. Longtin Graduated from the Univeristy of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996, and worked both in private and corporate practice before launching her mobile practice.

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