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If you've never had an in-home visit, here's an idea of what to expect.


Online Pharmacy

Photo by: Jenelle Ball

In trying to think of all the obstacles you face as a pet owner, we feel it's important that you have a home service option for as many of your needs as possible. A major step is getting your maintenance and refill prescriptions delivered.

We've partnered with VetSource to provide that service for you. Once you visit VetSource and follow the instructions to create a new account, we can enter your prescriptions and you can order your own refills and other supplies to be delivered to your home. Thousands of other common non-prescription items are available for your True Companions as well, and you can be sure what you order comes from FDA-approved, top-tier suppliers (rather than questionable sources used by some online pharmacies).

At True Companions VetVan, we look at “the way it’s always been done” and ask “why?”

One of the ways we are “breaking the mold” is with our medication policy. Most veterinary clinics stock large amounts of medications. This is a great convenience, but it comes at a price. It costs money to have medications sitting on the shelf — and inevitably some of those medications expire, which means it’s wasted money. Additionally, as a mobile veterinarian, it is simply not possible to maintain a full pharmacy in the space available.

We stock the medications and supplies your pet will need on an emergency basis—those things which you need to have TODAY. But for all those other things which can wait for a day to begin, we have a relationship with an online pharmacy which will ship whatever you need to your doorstep.

What does this mean to you? It means the medications and supplies your pet needs will cost you less. We think that’s veterinary care the way it should be.