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In-home veterinary services in the Twin Cities, MN since 2010



Dr. Raeyna is marvelous! I have had the pleasure of working with her professionally as well as the greatest experience of her kind, compassionate care she provides for my ever-changing 4 legged family members. She has provided a variety of services for my canine family, including acupuncture, yearly preventative care, and the most difficult service of euthanasia. 

The animals don't get stressed by going into the clinic, they are much more relaxed and receptive to having those not-so-fun needles for vaccines and heartworm poked into them. She comes with treats too!

There are so many benefits to having a house call visit. To name a few, she can see the "real dog/cat" -- you know how we always say "they never do that at home!" Another benefit is that it's convenient for our lives' busy schedules, and she works around them.

I have to say having my beloved Harvey cross the Rainbow Bridge at home was hard, but having it in the comfort of his home and not having his last car ride be the one were we said goodbye was the absolute best. Dr Raeyna provided full-circle services, meaning not only the euthanasia, but she also took him for individual cremation and returned his ashes home.

Also, the great lady provides care for several pet rescues in the twin cities area, so she is always running from one end of the cities to another providing exceptional care to foster animals. Her heart is so big!

I am so happy to share with people about Dr. Raeyna and her care, I tell everybody!
She has my furry family's vote of best veterinarian of the century!

Tovah, Mike, Eggs, and many many foster puppies!

Shane Longtin