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Lesa Moss, Woodbury, MN

Dr. Longtin came highly recommended and when I called her about our 14 year old kitty who was in pain, she fit me into her schedule immediately.... Upon her arrival she spoke so kindly to my pet I could tell she was a true animal lover. She carefully reviewed our kitty’s history and agreed that my decision to put him down was for the best. It helped so much to have her professional opinion during such a difficult time. As she administered the necessary medications, she spoke lovingly to our furry friend and I was glad to have someone so compassionate with me as I said my goodbyes. I shudder when I think of what it would’ve been like to put our kitty down in a cold, sterile clinic surrounded by strangers. Instead, he remained in the comfort of his own home surrounded by familiar people, smells and his feline brother. Thank you, Dr. Longtin, for making such a difficult time a little bit easier!


Shane Longtin