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Shannon Wenzel, St Paul, MN

After almost 14 years of life, my dog (Tuffy) suffered from a stroke last week. As my family received news that his recovery was very unlikely, Dr. Raeyna immediately offered up her professional and empathetic advice to best accommodate our beloved family member in his last day of life. Although my family and I are still grieving our loss, we're so happy knowing that Tuffy went peacefully and is no longer in pain.

Dr. Raeyna helped my family find and adopt Tuffy from the Humane Society almost 14 years ago and has helped him maintain good health throughout his long and full life. It only seemed natural that she would be the one to help ease his passing when his time came.

Tuffy passed away in the comfort of his own home and was surrounded by those who loved him dearly. True Companions made this possible. I would strongly recommend Dr. Longtin's services to any pet-owner - Tuffy's quality of life is largely due to her ongoing passionate involvement.


Shane Longtin