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One of the Deepest Mysteries of Life - REVEALED!


My husband has been trying to get me to start blogging for years. I have always refused for “at least a zillion reasons” but mostly, “what would I write about?” and, “who would want to read it?” But finally I have given in to the pressure.

So now I am counting on you, my dear clients, both to give me suggestions (via our Facebook Page - like it while you're there - or by email) on what you would like to see me write about AND to actually read what I write.

The subject of today’s rambling is the cat and dog on the True Companions’s logo. My husband designed the logo, including the duo, back when the VetVan was but a twinkle in my eye. Even the colors are significant—the dog is carefully matched to my favorite color (a sapphire blue). And the cat, filled with symbolism, is the Panotene color of the year for 2010—the year the VetVan came into being.

So I thought it only appropriate that they be the host and hostess of the True Companions VetVan official blog. They have been with me from somewhere before the beginning! So there it is: Trudi the cat and Pan the pup will be the official faces of the True Companions VetVan blog. Check back tomorrow for the first real write up, as we dive into the topic of hospice care for pets.

Shane Longtin