True Companions VetVan
In-home veterinary services in the Twin Cities, MN since 2010

Why Choose In-Home Care?

Photo by: Jonas Vincent

For you:

  1. Mobility limitations, small children, or simply busy schedules

  2. Easier than loading multiple pets into the car or making multiple trips

  3. Children can go about their normal activities rather than trying to be entertained or to sit calmly (a tall order for some!) in a hospital

  4. Evening visits

  5. A relationship with a vet who knows you, your pet, and your home

For your True Companions:

  1. Most pets will be more relaxed, reducing stress and anxiety

  2. Many pets are anxious/ sick in the car

  3. Less risk for pets with a weak immune system

  4. Mobility-challenged pets that have trouble getting in and out of the car

  5. Behavior and anxiety issues can be easier to assess and treat at home

  6. Most relaxing spot for acupuncture